Here we are to tell you what we are working on! 😬

14 Dec Here we are to tell you what we are working on! 😬

Technology is now an integral part of daily business life: the transition to Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of production processes is not a simple issue because it requires significant changes in mindset. We had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Carosi, CMC ITALIA CEO (on the right in photo), and Alessandro D’Angelo, Operation manager (on the left), to have them tell us about their path toward digitalizing business processes.

CMC ITALIA was founded in 1996 by the hand of Alfredo Carosi. For more than 25 years, the company has been supplying chrome bars and hydraulic cylinder tubes, in commercial lengths, or cut to length and processed according to customers’ specific requirements. Available machining operations include axial holes, radial holes, drilling, tapping, etc. It has grown steadily over the years, always accepting new projects and putting people and customer service at the top of their list.

How did CMC Italia position itself in this role in the market, first in Italy and then internationally?

Marco Carosi – CMC ITALIA’s strength comes from experience and deep product knowledge. We like to be partners with our customers and more than simple suppliers: we try to understand and plan for their needs, so they consider us professional and flexible. Recently, cooperation with increasingly demanding Italian and international customers has prompted us to significantly improve the production, preparation, and handling of goods.

Let’s talk about Industry 4.0: how does CMC ITALIA see this digitalization trend?

Marco – In 2021, thanks to increased corporate assets and allocation of resources to the digitalization, we were able to purchase 4.0 machinery and start a large-scale project with Alessandro D’Angelo.

Alessandro – This path involves a radical transformation both in the way of working and at the cultural level, so we took advantage of the opportunity to leverage our resources for the digitalization.

What are the most recent innovations you have adopted to keep up with the international market?

Alessandro – Going through the health emergency was harsh, but it provided a wake-up call for technological innovation. CMC ITALIA seized this opportunity, purchasing two cutting-edge sawing machines compatible with Industry 4.0.

We reviewed our corporate processes and operated on many departments to put information at the center of the system. At the hardware level, we have introduced tablets and pistol grip terminals in our two production warehouses, and thermal transfer printers for fast, high-volume printing. We have also enhanced Wi-Fi coverage to have a stable, reliable corporate network.

In detail, how did you restructure your processes?

Alessandro – In a nutshell, to date we have implemented:
– tracking system for incoming material batches with labeling and use of barcodes and QR codes shared with our customers;
– order tracking system that allows you to supervise the progress in real time;
– management of on-board machining by our production staff using tablets;
– automatic packing list generation for each customer and each carrier used.

This new digitalized operational flow allows us to reduce the use of paper and decrease environmental impact. The interconnection of the sawing machines with the company’s Wi-Fi network makes it possible to establish a two-way communication via FTP: on the one hand, this enables the operator to configure the machine remotely and, on the other hand, to retrieve information about the production in progress (such as the machining code, the material to be cut, the type of blade used), as well as the status of the machines themselves. Custom software is in charge of processing this data to build reports useful for certifying customer service.

Looking to the future: in conclusion, what are the factors that CMC ITALIA intends to enhance? Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

Marco – We proceed – as always – one step at a time, but our clients always ask us to level up. We are just back from the international trade fair EIMA, where we have proved ourselves a reliable link between chrome bar and tube suppliers and large international customers. Soon, in addition to finalizing the Industry 4.0 project, we are going to start the ISO 9001 certification process.